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What do you get when two of the most successful marketers in the industry busts open the secrets about our health and our nutrition.

You get a high converting, killer launch that you are not going to want to miss!

Hey, Mark here, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing you this incredible launch. I've been responsible for over $100,000,000 in online sales, and I'll be bringing all of that knowledge and experience in what I expect will be one of the most epic launches of the year!

We're giving away 60% commissions for the front end of every sale PLUS 50% on the upsells and 35% on recurring! And more importantly, the whole funnel has been tested and shown to convert like gangbusters (I'm sure you'd expect nothing less from me.)

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So What Is Food, Health & You?

Food, Health & You is an incredible package that offers so much more than just a simple docuseries. It has a major point of difference which is that it is a Complete Implementation System that gives people all the tools they need to effortlessly transform their life and secure their future health.

The system includes the core 8 episodes of the docuseries, 4 bonus never-seen-before episodes plus a companion guide which is like a workbook for every single episode. It also includes an extensive transformational cookbook that shows how easy it can be to enhance their meals for maximum health benefits.

And finally a bonus book called the “The Top 77 Superfoods For Healing”. Research has proven the strength of so many superfoods but it can be a nightmare figuring out which you need to treat certain conditions so we’ve simplified it all down to one 50 page book.

Customers will be given the choice of three options… the digital package and the physical. The digital package has a substantial discount on it and is the most affordable option at $99.95. Imagine how much you are going to earn in with your 60% commission!

The Physical Option includes 12 DVD’s & 3 Spiral Bound Books all beautifully packaged together in a sturdy & attractive box. This package also includes instant digital access to the full program in the online members area. This package has proven to be very popular and at $199.95 your 60% commission is substantial!

The Combo Option includes full access to the online members are and the full physical package. This is another attractive option at $199.95 and you will still receive your 60% commission.

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