How To Build An Affiliate Site, Ready For Profits, In 3 Hours Or Less!


(Note: I accidentally called this the ‘3 week affiliate’ in the main slides here, but it’s meant to be called ‘The 3 Hour Affiliate Site’)

INTRO. What You're Going To Learn

VIDEO 1A. Setting Up Domain and Hosting

VIDEO 1B. Setting Up WordPress

VIDEO 2. Inserting An Article

VIDEO 3. Setting Your Permalinks

VIDEO 4. Installing Required Plugins

VIDEO 5. Setting Up "Pretty Links"

VIDEO 6. Creating Your Essential Pages

VIDEO 7. Generating Your Favicon

VIDEO 8. "Reviews" Page

VIDEO 9. "How It Works" Page

VIDEO 10. "References" Page

VIDEO 11. "Shipping" Page

VIDEO 12. "Privacy Policy" Page

VIDEO 13. "Members" Page

VIDEO 14. "Contact Us" Page

VIDEO 15. "About Us" Page

VIDEO 16. "Shop" Page

VIDEO 17. "FAQ" Page

VIDEO 18. Creating Your Header and Footer Menus

VIDEO 19. Creating Your Sidebar

VIDEO 20. Disabling Comments

VIDEO 21. Removing Article Dates

VIDEO 22. Commission Kickstart

VIDEO 23. Commission Kickstart Customization

VIDEO 24. Removing Author and Category Text

VIDEO 25. Setting Up A Facebook Page

VIDEO 26. Customizing Facebook Page Info

VIDEO 27. Getting A Phone Number and Mailing Address

VIDEO 28. Setting Up Your Facebook Business Manager

VIDEO 29. Writing A Facebook Ad

Ad Writing Formula: The 2-Phase Approach
Download PDF

VIDEO 30. Setting Up A Facebook Pixel

VIDEO 31. Setting Up An Ad

VIDEO 32. How To Create Images For Your Ads

Stock Photography Websites Mentioned In This Video:
Unsplash - Click here to visit
Pixabay - Click here to visit
Pexels - Click here to visit

Image Effects Software Mentioned In This Video:
BeFunky - Click here to visit

VIDEO 33. Facebook Audience Targeting Tips

Your Download Links

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Click the button below to download the Author/Category Hider plugin:
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